Pay-as-you-go WP Sites Plans

Unparalleled Plans


35+ Features Included
Our Pay-as-you-go WordPress Sites Plans come with the just-right set of features to build a robust website and provide your visitors with a great online experience.


Market-leading Speed
Built with the latest compression and optimization techniques, our Pay-as-you-go WP Sites fully load faster than the average website and keep the visitors happy.

Unlimited Care

Total WP Support
Our "Total peace of mind." It includes: High-performance Hosting, Ongoing maintenance, Anti-hacking Protection Policy, and Monthly Support Time so you can add, change or publish as much content as you need.


Risk-Free Plans
When we say Risk-Free, we mean it. From the moment you sign up, you're 99.99% free from risk. No matter what plan you choose, you always pay month-to-month and with no hidden, cancellation, or penalty fees.


Dedicated Support
Of course. All Pay-as-you-go WP Plans come with our Dedicated Support via email, phone, or video call to request, discuss, and review new content for your site every month.


Extra Add-ons
Because sometimes is never enough, we'll always be ready and happy to help. Request custom integrations, new functionalities, or third-party widgets at any time. Contact us to start the discussion.

By signing up for any Pay-as-you-go plans, you can power and scale your website successfully with almost zero risks and a flat monthly fee.


How does pricing work?


If you sign up for this plan, you will pay 100% upfront the monthly recurring fee at the standard rate.

Annual Commitment

If you sign up for this plan, you will pay 100% upfront the monthly recurring fee with a 10% discount.

Every 2 Years Commitment

If you sign up for this plan, you will pay 100% upfront the monthly recurring fee with a 15% discount.



How does pricing work?
All Pay-as-you-go WP Plans are billed automatically upfront month-to-month regardless of the commitment term you choose.
Are the Pay-as-go-you WP Plans right for me?
We designed our plans to offer everything you and your site would need to launch and scale a powerful online presence for a risk-free flat monthly recurring fee and preferential hourly rates.

We would recommend our Pay-as-you-go WP Plans if you:

- are starting your brand or business and want to focus mainly on running your business
- prefer to pay every month without any forced contracts or cancellation fees
- don't have a clear idea where your business is going to be in a year from now
- aren't tech-savvy, but still, you seriously plan to scale your online presence
- manage a business or blog, and need constant updates and publishing.

In summary, all Pay-as-you-go WP plans are for individuals who want to start, maintain, and enhance their online presence in the best possible way with the minimum risk and investment.
Are these plans really risk-free?
Our Pay-as-you-go WP Plans are 99.99% risk-free. From the moment you sign up for a plan, we'll work together with you to achieve a beautiful WP site, and you'll pay month-to-month no matter what commitment term you choose.

If you cancel the service before completing your commitment term, we won't charge you an early termination fee (ETF). You'll be free to go, and we'll still love you. However, you can't claim the Web Transfer Rights, the data access you need to take full control over your WP site or migrate it to another service provider if you're no longer happy with us.
What does Commitment mean?
The commitment is the minimum period you agree to have your WP website with us for a lower monthly recurring fee. The longer the commitment, the lower the fee. However, note that signing up for a commitment means you won't have ownership of your WP site until you complete your commitment term or, in the case of the Every 2 Years Commitment, the first consecutive (18) eighteen months from the purchase date.
How can I order a Pay-as-you-go WP Plan?
Please contact us to start with the qualification process.
How does billing work?
We automatically bill all Pay-as-you-go WP plans via Recurring Payments every (25) twenty fifth of each month and issue the invoice within (3) three business days.
What does the renewal process look like?
Our Pay-as-you-go WP Plans automatically renew month-to-month unless you cancel your plan before the end of the billing cycle.
What if I need more support?
If you need more support, we'll always be ready and happy to help you. If you need custom integrations, new functionalities, or third-party widgets for your WP Site, feel free to let us know to get back to you with a quote.

If you consume your Monthly Support Time or Dedicated Support Time before the end of the month, you can order the additional time in-store or through our online booking system. Note that we measure both support times in minutes, and you can't carry over unused minutes to the following month. We recommend you plan and organize what you need us to implement on your WP Site to take full advantage of your support time.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes! 10% with Annual Commitment, and 15% with an Every 2 Years Commitment.
Do you offer any special discounts to Non-profit Organizations?
We're always happy to contribute to our community and support those who help others. If you have a Non-profit Organization, please contact us to start the discussion and qualification process.
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