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The unlimited B2B sales solution for manufacturers



is a results-driven and subscription-based B2B sales professional solution to increase your manufacturing revenue.

B2B sales expertise

Get your company's growth back on track.

Salesfinity gets and closes deals for you.
Salesfinity™ helps increase your manufacturing revenue by executing a B2B sales process that provides your company with unlimited leads and closed deals within a short sales cycle.

Whether you're just starting, expanding your business, introducing a new process, or entering new markets, Salesfinity™ is the one-stop sales solution that fits your manufacturing needs.
Major flexibility

Salesfinity™ offers flexible subscription plans.

Choose the plan that's right for you. Cancel anytime.
Tailored to your organization's specific needs, Salesfinity™ offers four primary subscriptions and three billing plan types that give you the freedom to invest, risk, and save as much as you want, and with the lowest commission rates on the market.

Moreover, Salesfinity™ is flexible enough so you can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel it if you are not satisfied with the results. No forced contracts.

Grow and optimize your resources.

Salesfinity™ is a fully-featured and cost-effective sales solution.
Salesfinity™ is the one-stop B2B sales strategic partner your company has been waiting for. It’s fully packed with the necessary features to increase your manufacturing revenue, save time, and optimize your resources from the moment you acquire a subscription plan.

With Salesfinity™, you can take care of your organization while you get more sales closed on the side.

Get endless B2B sales support for a long as you need.

Everything starts with a free plan.
Our name says it all. Salesfinity™ offers ‘unlimited’ cold-calling, emailing, video calling, bilingual sales support, and qualified sales opportunities to help increase your manufacturing revenue free of charge from the beginning.
All-included features

No matter what you choose. All plans include

B2B sales support
We perform the entire B2B sales process to represent and close sales for your company
Bilingual support
We approach and communicate with all clients in English or Spanish
We do cold-calling and follow up calls. Our goal is to get to anyone from anywhere
We send effective emails and sales letters to get more lead opportunities
Video calling
We make video-calls for presentations, offers, negotiations, and sales meetings
Product support
We represent or sell one manufacturing process and its sub-processes per subscription plan
Qualified opportunities
We give you the right sales opportunities, the most profitable businesses
Advanced features

Make the most of salesfinity™

One-on-one meetings
We meet with customers to get information and more potential opportunities
Business insights
We beautifully display your capabilities online to attract potential customers
On-site presence
We work at your place from time to time to bond, lead, and build stronger teamwork
Sales repetition support
We never stop selling your products. Not even if we close a sale for you
Sales coverage
We visit clients anywhere to pursue new opportunities or to close sales
Account sharing
We can manage commission-free up to 2 business accounts if you need us to
Trust badge*
We display your logo on our “Trusted by” section and link it to your website
Shared storage
We provide you with direct access to our new leads and business opportunities folder
Priority support
We provide you with preferential service and faster support at any time
Exclusive Support
We promote your manufacturing capabilities under an exclusivity agreement
Flexible Commissions
We offer lower commission rates with each subscription plan upgrade
Multilingual Support*
We approach and communicate with all clients in English, Japanese, or Spanish
Sales Reporting*
We send you a weekly sales report so you can track our performance
CRM Sales Reporting*
We share with you our performance via your preferred CRM software
Business Travel*
We do domestic and international business travels from San Diego and Tijuana, MX
365-Day Support*
We provide you with 365-Days support. Weekends and holidays included
Quote calculation*
We submit quotes subject to your calculation and approval
Advanced features vary per subscription. * Additional fees, terms and conditions apply for optional features
Adrian adapted very quickly to the company's thinking and working methods while maintaining the right side of American and Mexican approaches in the local business. His proficient level of communication in English and Japanese is a big plus to help establish your business circumstance. More importantly, his distinctive personality made me trust him as an essential business partner.
Central Mexico Partner
Scale Your Business With Effective Marketing | Mercating®
It only took my team and me one meeting to get impressed by Adrian’s personality, experience, and support. He knows how to immediately engage with people, to take care of your business, and to start a business relationship with the right foot. It does not surprise me Adrian started Mercating to help grow others in many ways. I believe you will not be disappointed.
Kim, CEO
How it works

Get started. Qualify your company

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    Start the introduction process
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Experience the benefits of Salesfinity™

KPI improvement
Salesfinity™ is made to exceed goals. Our main one is to help increase your manufacturing revenue as fast as we can.
Profit maximization
Profit first. We focus our sales efforts on increasing your value and average marginal profit.
Cost reduction
Reduce costs on gas, car maintenance, stationery, and more from the moment you sign up to Salesfinity™.
Costs Cutting
Say goodbye to employee-related costs: hiring costs, salaries, insurance, paid vacations, paid sick leave, and more.
We restart our sales process even after closing a deal to increase your average revenue per customer rate.
Travel optimization
Forget about traffic, hours of planning, and OT payments. Our strategic location allows us to travel for business faster and cheaper.
Business relationships
We speed up the business transactions directly with the right people from any level.
We attend trade shows and business expos to build cross-industry business connections and get more sales leads.
Training optimization
Provide us with training once. We will handle the next sessions. Training expenses are on us.
Exponential value
The more Salesfinity™ grows, the more you’ll get, more support and benefits for the same price along the way.
Deals won via the “Account Sharing” feature are commission-free. Available only in the Standard plan and above.
Referrals generation
We ask for referrals effectively to reach more qualified potential customers.
Unlimited retention
Forget about employee retention problems. Salesfinity™ works as an extension of your company for as long as you need it.
Optional Features

Need more? We've got you covered

Multilingual Support

Build rapport and connect instantly with multicultural teams
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Sales Reporting

Track Salesfinity performance via our standard or CRM report
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All-year Action

365-Day support.

Weekends and holidays included
Other payment methods
Signing up with a purchase order?

Salesfinity™ subscription plans are also available for six-month commitment payment or annual commitment payment via purchase orders to provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility

  • Six-month commitment payment: You sign up for a six-month subscription by submitting a purchase order and pay upfront month to month with a 5% discount
  • Annual commitment payment: You sign up for a one-year subscription by submitting a purchase order and pay upfront month to month with a 10% discount

Deals we have closed for our manufacturing partners

Number of closed deals with Salesfinity
Cross-industry business connections.
Average sales cycle length *
Revenue growth **
* Average sales cycle length is shown in months. The ASCL is the amount of time from our first touch with a prospect to closing the deal, averaged across all won deals. ** Revenue growth is the total USD amount of the deals Salesfinity™ closed for manufacturing partners within the average sales cycle length

Set the goals. We do the rest

Salesfinity™ has the expertise to work as an extension of your team and face together any challenges and goals you may have along the way

By setting goals you agree to share your company’s and team’s sales information with Salesfinity™ and become solely accountable for the results of Salesfinity™
Frequently ask questions

Free subscription plan

Do you offer a free trial?
No. We offer something better: a Free subscription plan.
How free is "free"?
Free means free. No monthly subscription fees. Ever. However, note that the free plan is 100% commission-based, and a 4% commission rate applies per won deal. For details on our commission rates, please read our Salesfinity™ terms and conditions.
What does the Free Plan include?
The free plan is fully-packed with features that will help your company increase the chance of winning more sales opportunities and deals. It includes unlimited inbound and outbound B2B bilingual sales support, which professionally covers all the stages of a robust sales cycle.
What's the Salesfinity™ sales process?
Excluding the quoting process, Salesfinity fully performs most of the sales cycle stages: prospection, qualifying, approach, quote presentation, manage objection, closing, and sales-repetition/asking for referrals.
Can Salesfinity™ quote for my company?
Salesfinity™ is an outside sales support that cannot directly interfere or manage your pricing strategies as this is part of your organization's effort and financial decisions. Accepting this responsibility would take us completely away from our main goal which is to provide your company with more sales opportunities and closed deals as quickly as possible.

However, this doesn't mean we can't support you with quote calculation. Unless you sign up to a corporate plan, the quote calculation is an optional feature, which means it's charged separately and can be ordered here.
How can I get the free plan?
First, submit the form at the end of this page and let us know why you are interested in getting Salesfinity™ for free. We will get back to you once we confirm your information.
Can I upgrade my Free Plan?
Absolutely!  You can contact us to upgrade any time or order your new plan online.

Paid subscription plans

What's the difference between a free and a paid plan?
Although Salesfinity™ supports you equally no matter the plan you choose, paid plans allow us to put more resources and increase the chances of winning. Additionally, subscribing to a paid plan will not only give you advanced features but a lower commission rate that can go down to 1%.
How can I purchase a subscription plan?
To purchase a subscription plan go to Plans & Pricing, then select your preferred billing period and subscription plan to complete your purchase online. For six-months or yearly billing plans, where USD amounts may exceed cards limits, we encourage all customers to make payments via check, deposit or wire transfer only. Payment methods can be selected at checkout. Bank information details can be found in the order confirmation sent to the email address once the order is placed.
How do I know what plan is best for my company?
We have designed each plan to be affordable, flexible, and suitable. So, whichever you choose, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel it at any moment. If you are not sure, feel free to schedule here a free consultation with us to help you out.
Can I get two Salesfinity™ subscriptions for the same company?
Each Salesfinity™ plan includes support for 1 product or service per company. If you need more sales support, we recommend you to purchase the Additional Product Support. This option is more affordable than adding a new subscription plan.
What if I have different companies?
Keep in mind that our pricing is per service and per company. In case you decide to share the business opportunities with your sister companies, the terms and conditions will still apply to you.

Plans & Pricing

How does Salesfinity™ plan and pricing work?
Salesfinity™ works under the subscription model. Billing plans are month-to-month, every six months, or every year. Whether you choose to pay via wire transfer or purchase order, all payments are 100% upfront. Savings are available from six-month billing plans and above. You can change your plan anytime, but keep in mind that the change will not take effect until the end of your buying cycle.
Will my invoice be pro-rated if I sign up at the beginning of the month?
Yes. It will happen only once as we plan to manage and standardize all payments and invoices every (20) twentieth of each month. For example, if you purchase a month-to-month subscription plan on the fourth day of this month, you will have to pay the second month of your subscription on the twentieth of this month. This action will allow us to optimize resources and provide you faster and better support.
Is there any set-up or hidden fees?
No. There are no set-up or hidden fees. However, we provide optional services you can add to your plan for an additional cost. Don’t worry; we will never charge you any services unless you order them.
What does the renewal process look like?
We're still working on the automation of our renewal process. So, if you want to renew your subscription plan, you'll need to pay manually according to each billing plan. Once we automate and you accept this process, your subscription plan will be renewed automatically unless you downgrade or cancel it before the end of your buying cycle. Don't worry, we'll let you know before we start with automated billing. Besides, you'll always have the choice to use your preferred payment method with us.
Can I cancel my Salesfinity™ Subscription Plan?
Absolutely. You can cancel at any time under Salesfinity™ terms and conditions. Keep in mind that automated subscriptions will renew unless you downgrade or cancel them before the end of your buying cycle. If you cancel, you can keep using the subscription until the next billing date.
What's the sales rate I would pay?
Orders from Mexico will include a 16% VAT according to the Tax Administration Service.  We are still working on the VAT for orders coming from USA.
What's next after purchasing a Salesfinity™ Subscription Plan?
The introduction process. You will receive a formal email with an explanation of where and how to start.

Introduction Process

What's the introduction process?
It’s the beginning of our business relationship. During this stage, we formally introduce ourselves with your team, exchange information, set up the account, and receive training as needed.
How long will it take the introduction process?
It should take no more than three to four weeks from the moment you purchase your subscription.
Does the introduction process have special fees?
No. Your first payment covers the introduction process.
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