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How to join to Mercating™ blogger community?
Please refer to our publishing guidelines for details.
How to communicate with Mercating™?
We, at Mercating™ treasure having close and continuous communication with our customers. But, even though you can reach out to us via phone or social media, we ask for all discussions about any order to be done in written form via e-mail. Which, will allow us to keep track of your order and additional requests and make sure we will provide you with exceptional and high-quality products.
What's the Total Customer Care?
It's one of our company goals. It's all about doing whatever it takes to build and maintain a hassle-free, zero-friction, and fun customer experience. Even though we're in the first stages of our company, we can tell that customers' satisfaction is our main priority.
What's Mercating's 4 rights challenge?
The four rights challenge belongs to one of our corporate principles. It's the way we encourage our people to do the right thing by following a simple but complex path: Do the Right thing, the Right way, for the Right reason, at the Right time.
Can you help with design?
Anytime! We have experience in graphic design, marketing, sales, and more. So, feel free to quote anything you need.
What design software do you use?
We use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud Solution, which includes Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more.
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