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Why has my order / package been returned to Mercating™?
Your order may have been returned to us because:
  • The package was unclaimed* (more common for international orders)
  • The shipping address is invalid (missing information, typos, incomplete lines.)
  • The addressee has moved away without leaving a forwarding address or instructions.
  • Someone refused the package at the address.
*When an order is unclaimed, it may be held by your local post office or customs office for any reason. At this point, it will need to be claimed in person; otherwise, it will most likely be returned to us. For international customers, this is often due to customs fees or taxes that need to be paid first.

Usually, the mail carrier will leave a note or notice with instructions on how to claim your package if it is held or attempt to call the phone number for the order. Unfortunately, any notices or notes left by the mail carrier are out of Mercating™ control.

The USPS tracking and customs page usually displays the reason why a package is unable to be delivered. If your shipment is marked 'return to sender,' feel free to contact us. Please be sure to review your order confirmation and shipping confirmation e-mails to confirm that you provided the correct shipping address at checkout.

Please note that we cannot re-ship orders until the original package returns to us. Packages marked as "return to the sender" cannot be intercepted or redirected.

Packages returned to the sender may move slower because they are generally considered low priority by the USPS. So, unfortunately, we cannot provide an estimate as to when returned packages will arrive at our location.

If a package is returned to us because an incorrect address was provided at checkout, customers are responsible for any additional charges required to re-ship the package.
Why was my order canceled?
Your order may be canceled for an Invalid Credit Authorization or Out of Stock Item(s).

If your order is canceled due to invalid credit authorization, it means that we are unable to complete your order due to a processing failure with your payment information. Your order will be canceled and your funds will be released. You may wish to verify your payment information and place your order again. We suggest checking out with PayPal, and you do not need a PayPal account. You can enter your credit card information directly through their secure site.

When your order is canceled due to either reason, you will receive an e-mail notification informing you of the cancellation.

If your credit transaction has been voided, please allow 5-10 business days for your financial institution to reverse the transaction. If you are issued a refund, please allow 8-12 business days for the refund to be processed back into your account by your financial institution.
Why is my order / shipment delayed?
We’re very sorry to know that you're having a bad experience with your order. Here are a few possible reasons why your order / shipment is delayed:
  • A payment issue might have occurred while placing the order.
  • The product(s) you ordered is out of stock or is on back-order.
  • We are experiencing a high volume of orders.
  • You ordered custom or complicated products that may take more time to produce.
  • If the delivery is for remote areas, it may take an extra four to five (4-5) days
  • Your order includes products with different processing time frames, and we may be planning to ship them all together.
  • During sale and promotional periods, the delivery may take a little longer than usual.
Even though most packages successfully arrive within the estimated delivery time frame, delays occasionally can occur, particularly during holiday seasons or extreme weather conditions. International shipments are also subject to delays from regular transport and customs inspections.

Either way, if there will be a significant delay with your order, we will try to contact you via e-mail or telephone.
When will I get my money after my order is canceled?
Payment with a credit card. If you made your purchase using a credit card, your payment transaction would be voided when your order is canceled.

A voided transaction is a credit card purchase that a seller cancels after it has been authorized, but before it has been settled. A voided transaction does not appear on the customer's credit card statement. However, it might appear in a list of pending transactions when the customer checks their account online. The customer will still see the authorization on their credit card, but they will NOT be charged for the sale since the sale has been voided. The authorization will "fall off" of the customer's card within 5-8 business days, and they will not be charged.

Please be advised that a voided transaction does not appear as a refund. If you check around the date of purchase, you should not see an active charge from Mercating™.

Payment with PayPal. If you made your purchase using PayPal, you would be issued a refund for your canceled order. Please allow 8-12 business days for the refund to be processed back into your account.
Why did I not receive my entire order?
We make every effort to ship your items together. However, there are times that we may have to divide your order into multiple shipments. Common reasons for dividing an order are:
  • Item availability.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Shipping from different fulfillment center.
If your order is divided, we will send you a shipping confirmation email with a separate tracking number for each shipment as it is completed and shipped to you.

Note that when we divide an order into multiple shipments, you are not charged an additional fee. You are charged once for the shipping cost when your first item is shipped.
What to do if I received a defective order?
If an item arrived in a defective or damaged condition, you could submit as soon as possible a valid return request to receive a refund or replacement item under our return policy.

You may be required to provide a photo when filling out an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form so that we may verify the condition.
What to do if I never received my order?
If your order gets lost for any reason during shipping, we suggest you submit as soon as possible a claim to the carrier company.
What to do if I received a wrong item?
You may want to refer one more time to your order confirmation to verify that the item you received is different from what you originally ordered.

If it turns out that you received an incorrect item instead of what you ordered, please submit a return request so that we can correct the issue. You may be required to provide a photo of the item you received so we can verify the mistake.
What to do if items are missing from my order?
If you suspect an item is missing from your order, please double-check the packaging the order arrived.

Sometimes, in some orders, smaller items may be packed inside or around larger items and get hidden or stuck. If you are still unable to locate the missing item, please contact our support team for assistance.
What to do if tracking says 'Delivered' but I haven't received my order?
If you cannot locate your package after it has been marked as delivered; first, we recommend you to remain calm and review the following situations:
  • Did someone receive it on your behalf?
  • Did you check all possible areas a package may have been left at your address?
  • Did you make sure that the package is not hidden behind, under, next to, or between objects?
  • Did you check with any neighbors who may have accidentally received it?
  • Did you dog take it?
If you are still having difficulty finding your package, please contact your local mail carrier or the customs office. There are cases where international deliveries have been marked as delivered on the tracking page when the packages were still in customs.

Packages may sometimes be scanned as "delivered" early when they're sorted and loaded onto a vehicle for delivery instead of at the actual time of shipment. In some rare cases, these packages may take a few additional business days to reach you.

If it has been more than a few days and you are still unable to locate your package, please reach out to our End-to-end Support Team for additional assistance.
What to do if my custom order has a typo or other mistake printed?
Mercating never delivers custom orders without customer's approval.

If you have submitted or approved to us any artwork or design containing typos or mistakes of any kind, we will not and cannot take responsibility for it.

We really recommend you to double check all spelling and possible mistakes in phone numbers, e-mails, full names, addresses, etc., before submitting or approving any artwork, because once you do that, we will assume everything is ready for production.
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