General Features

WP websites built for maximum impact and conversion.


Built with customers in mind.

We work closely with you each step of the way to deliver suitable projects on-time and on-budget.

Thanks to our process planning and control and our wide experience within the marketing, graphic design, and web development industry, we can deliver successfully under short time constraints custom, high-performance, and lead generation WP websites without sacrificing our customers' budget.
Custom Design

More than stock templates.

We comprehend your brand guidelines, market, and goals to deliver a unique and outstanding WP website.

We custom your website design to match your market, vision, and specifications perfectly. We choose the right colors, typography, images, and structure, not only to drive visitors’ attention where we want it to go but to project the right message according to your brand guidelines.

And, if you would like to take things to the next level, we can provide you with our interactive or top-notch web design that will make your WP website stand above the rest and improve your conversion rate.
Responsive Design

Display without limits.

We built WP websites whose content adapts perfectly to each screen resolution.

Our sites are built with the latest responsive web design practices to work on each device your visitors navigate.

Responsive web design allows websites to adjust their content to fit the specific screen size, whether it is desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Go beyond responsive design.

We build WP websites that provide an enhanced and frictionless experience to mobile users.

With most web traffic coming from mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly WP website is not an option anymore.

At Mercating™, we focus on building WP websites with attention to detail that provides users with an enhanced and frictionless mobile experience.
Reliably Fast

Amplify your visitors' engagement and retention.

We achieve a lightning-fast page load speed by implementing compression techniques and the right amount of plugins.

Combined with one of our WP support plans, we specialize in building optimized websites that load quickly and seamlessly under 3 seconds, and with an average performance score of A (+90%) in GTMetrix. What’s best? Without sacrificing quality and security.
SEO Ready

Improve your site's visibility.

We make WP websites rank higher in the organic search results from the most popular search engines.

We carefully planned and optimized WP websites with the best keywords based on research, the latest SEO techniques, your industry, and location to rank higher in the most popular search engine results pages and drive traffic to your site.
All-included Features

All our WP websites include:

Contact Form
Allows your potential customers to send you messages and files for business.
Actionable elements to invite your visitors to take the next step.
File Download Action
Actionable elements that allow visitors to download predetermined files.
Customer's endorsements to build trust with potential customers.
Premium Stock Images
Your site display high-quality and perfect photos from our bank premium stock.
Free Plugins
Unlimited free plugins that offer your visitors more than words and images.
2 Rounds of Revisions
Request changes or improvements twice per delivery.
Content Upload
We populate your text and images in 5 content sections per web page.
Coming Soon Page
Let your visitors know you'll be opening soon for business.
Social Share
Allows sharing your site on your visitor's most popular social networks.
Social Icons
Redirect your visitors to your social business accounts.
Open Graph Ready
Integrates each web page into the most popular social networks.
Protects your site from robots or spambots and avoids potential scams.
Analytics Integration
Links your site with Google Analytics to collect traffic data.
Analytics Report
Analyze your site's traffic with the GA report sent straight to your inbox.
Widgets Setup
Displays additional data within small functional, and dynamics blocks.
Search Indexation
Helps increase your site's visibility in the most popular search engines.
Extra Add-ons Support
Request new features, functionalities, or third-party widgets at any time.
Other pricing options

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Get the site you want at the price you need.

"Our Anti-hacking Protection Policy is simple. In case your site goes down, or gets hacked. We'll fix it at no additional costs."
Adrián Rosales
Director, Mercating
WP support

Get peace of mind.

Let us handle all the critical stuff for you and your site.
  • High-performance WP server
  • 24/7 protection anti-hacking
  • Market-leading uptime

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