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Last updated: 4/1/2020


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The purpose of our community is to make people’s professional life easier and better.

Now more than ever, words are powerful enough to touch the minds and hearts of thousands or millions of people worldwide.

People who want to learn something new every day find purpose in what they are doing or discover what they want to do for the rest of their life.

It may sound easy, but it isn’t for the majority of people. Many of them are still wondering, ‘How do I start? What if I fail? What should I know?’ over and over again, with no beginning, action, nada.

We want to change that for the better, and we think your contribution will be vital to achieving it.

We believe that sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and expertise in Mercating™ may help them find what they are looking for or take a leap of faith to dare even try.

Of course, joining a new community isn’t an easy call. It requires a lot of dedication, consistency, and, last but not least, money.

Therefore, before you even start reading our publishing guidelines, we need to be transparent with you on one thing:

Currently, we aren’t offering any compensation for blogging. (We know, it sucks!)

But, it doesn’t mean we’ll never provide it either.

We hope to compensate those who share value with our community as soon as we can. And we will pay more to those who took the risk and trusted our brand from the beginning.

Please make sure to read our terms of service and publishing guidelines below before sharing any work with us.

Publishing Guidelines

Mercating™ blog is an ideal platform for developing your professional brand, sharing what you know best within the industry, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams and passion.

These guidelines may help you start writing awesome stuff for your audience. Here is what is important to us when considering submissions to our site.


You can share your knowledge and experience within one of our following blog categories: Manufacturing, Business, Startup, Marketing, PR, Branding, Graphic Design, B2B and B2C Sales, and so on. Do you have something else in mind? Let us know.

Word Length

We believe more in quality than quantity; however, publications must have at least 500 words. Larger posts are welcome.


There are different ways to share your ideas, facts, and stories to captivate your audience. You can use inspirational quotes, tips, how-to, trending pieces, anecdotes, data points, life examples, academic studies, business cases, book and research references, and much more.

Trustworthy resources

Of course, all your content must be sourced or link to the sources of information, which will help you build credibility.

Personal touch

Do not forget to give your personal touch; this is how you will truly connect with your audience. They will like you for who you are.

No formatting

Forget the formatting and focus on quality writing. You must submit your publications in plain text, considering titles, subtitles, paragraphs, and appropriate usage of capitals.

Proofreading and accuracy

Please spell-check and grammar check before submitting your publication, and respect the brands, individual, and companies' full names.


We live in a digital era; everything is connected and available within a few clicks. Please, avoid plagiarism.

No paid links or mentions

Avoid covering any publishing in exchange for compensation of any kind.

No self-promotion

Believe it or not, the best way to build your brand is when you are not trying to sell it. Focus on providing value instead of trying to promote yourself or your company's services. We automatically reject publications with self-promotion.

Quotes correct sources

When you attribute your quotes to the right source, please keep the following quoting formats:

"…" Elon M. told me in an interview

"…" Elon M. said in an interview with the New York Times.

No recycling

Never submit a publication you provided before in Mercating™ or other Blog with just a few tweaks added. We will reject it and terminate your collaboration with us.


Mercating™ working language is both English and Spanish. Therefore, we will be happy to accept publications written in both languages with the observation of rules of grammar and spelling.

Royalty-free photos

If you need to use pictures, make sure those are royalty-free photos, or you own such images' rights. Don't forget to mention the source.

File Submission

You must submit your work via e-mail or in Microsoft Word format .docx.


When you submit work to Mercating™, you agree to receive e-mails from us to notify you about the status, whether the acceptance, change request, or rejection, of your publication.

Publication date

We will evaluate your submission within 2 to 3 weeks. If accepted, we will notify you of the publication date.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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